Meridian Hive

Meridian Hive is a booze company founded in 2013 in Austin, Texas who uses pure honey and real fruit in all of their beverages.

They were previously with Squarespace and their site wasn't very user friendly and it was quite hard to make an order online. The colours were also very dull which doesn't represent their beautiful colour scheme and the buzz you get from their drinks.

I created their new website on Shopify and built all their pages, uploaded their products and set up their subscribe & save feature. The hero image is created by me, also. I had to redesign a few of their previous pages like their about us page to be more colourful and represent their vision.

Meridian Hive website on example iPhone
Meridian Hive website on example iPhone


Expodrone already had a website with Shopify but the theme wasn't organised very well. The collection titles wouldn't stay straight, images were low res and sections were everywhere. The site was hard to manage for the owner and hard to navigate for the viewer.

I went in and reshaped the theme and organised everything a lot better for both the owner of the website and the viewers, driving more sales.

It's worth noting the live site has changed a fair bit since I made my changes and some of the issues I've previously fixed have come back due to the owner changing those bits himself...

J&L Tweed

J&L Tweed, like Meridian Hive, previously had a website with Squarespace and it just wasn't working for them. It was tricky to use, lacked a lot of functionality and wasn't a pleasant experience for the viewers to use.

I built a brand new store with Shopify for them with all the functionality they needed and showed them how to use the Shopify admin to check sales, run ads etc...

Print Gravy

Print Gravy needed a theme upgrade and optimisation. They were using an outdated theme that was slow and unresponsive and didn't look great. I upgraded their theme and optimised it so it's a lot faster and added a lot of features that they didn't previously have.

I also recommended and then created their about us page which makes them look a lot more trustworthy as a small business.


The client just wanted a simple to navigate store that had about 5 products... a few masks and some gloves during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was never intended this store would last long, he just wanted to quickly make some money dropshipping masks and gloves, due to this I no longer have the live site, just images.#

The client told me the website was successful and he turned a good profit.